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Come take a boat tour on one of the most scenic and beautiful lakes in the South. Caddo Lake is approximately 26,000 acres of Bald Cypress trees, Spanish moss, abundant wildlife, and scenery that you will never forget. The lake has everything from swamps, bayous and river ways that create a one of a kind experience.

Whether you are looking for a guided fishing trip, a sight seeing tour of the wildlife or just wanting to have a relaxing day or evening on the boat on Caddo Lake then look no further. Book a tour today to see some of the beauty that awaits you.

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A lake rich with history

Caddo Lake is steeped in history dating back to the early 1800's and one of the best ways to soak it in is with a guided boat tour. Sit back and relax while you take in the history which includes the Caddo Indian tribes that inhabited the area and the steamboat navigational trade from New Orleans to Jefferson, Texas are just some of the lakes rich history.

The names of certain areas of the lake such as Alligator Bayou, Starr Ditch, Ames Spring Basin, Potters Point, Britts Gap and Government Ditch among others give the lake a certain mystic created by the characters from it's past. It creates the perfect atmosphere for fishing, relaxing or watching the sunset.

Photography Tours

Looking to get some great pictures of the beautiful Bald Cypress trees covered in Spanish moss? Schedule a guided tour and go on an adventure to get all the images you need to complete your photography collection.

Whether you want to go on a wildlife photography tour with a group or with the peace and quiet of being alone to get those perfect shots, we can accommodate.

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Photos from Caddo Lake

Take a look at some of the photographs that have been taken on Caddo Lake by various talented photographers.

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